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Employees Legal Obligations and Requirements For First Aid Training

In an amendment to Health and Safety Regulations, the HSE is no longer responsible for approving first aid training providers. This means that employers are responsible for choosing what training is right for them depending on their risk assessment. Please use the details below as guidance towards choosing the correct course for your business or establishment.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work.  Full details can be found in the Health and Safety Executive leaflet "First Aid at Work - Your Questions Answered".

It is important to remember that what comprises adequate and appropriate will vary depending on the circumstances.  A small company might only need to provide the bare minimum, however, if the risk of injury is high, this may not be the case and several personnel qualified in the HSE First Aid at Work course may be necessary.  Likewise, a large company with low risk might be better served with a higher number of personnel trained as "Appointed Persons" (covered by our Basic First Aid programme). 

An "Appointed Person" is there take charge of a situation, call for appropriate first aid assistance, record incidents and maintain the first aid facilities. Candidates attend the first part of an Emergency First Aid at Work course to gain this level of knowledge, however we recommened they do the full 1 day emergency first aid at work course.

The minimum requirement on any worksite or office is going to be a fully stocked first aid kit and an Appointed Person.  It is important to remember as well, that the provision of first aid cover is a constant requirement.  If trained personnel are away, for example on holiday, another person must provide the first aid cover.  The HSE Leaflet will help in understanding the requirements and legal responsibilities.  In addition, our staff are on hand to assist you in formulating an assessment of your workplace and assessment visits can be arranged.

Suggested numbers of first aid personnel (reproduced from the HSE Leaflet) are as follows:

First Aid Risk Assessement

 EFAW = Emergency First Aid At Work 1 Day Course            FAW = First Aid At Work 3 Day Course

The suggested number of trained staff refers to the number present on site at any given time. You may have to consider cover for illness and holiday periods.